Thursday, April 12, 2012

Menemui perempuan perempuan cantik di luar sana,

Being in relationship more than a year,the guy started to get bored,the girl started to worry and trying hardly to keep the relationship going.With tears and fake smile.While the guys simply letting it go and forget everything.While the girl totally in pain and keep asking--

why,why,and why.

Its like a law.
--Guys cepat boring,while Woman is the most loyal person in the relationship and always wanted to keep the relationship going.

For all pretty woman,heartbroken.

Cliche situation but it happened mostly to people that ive known.Its like been listening to your past problems--mirror.So,if you think you're the most frustrated person in this entire world right now,you're wrong.What happened to you,does happened to anyone else,might the one you've known,might the one being just a stranger.

For all pretty woman out there,if he decided to not being with you,to not stay together like you wish to,just get yourself off from his life.

Jangan cari.
A big DONT.

Awak cantik,you have bright future,you have family and friends.
Dia hilang awak---dia rugi.BUKAN awak.

Save your pretty self,for a guy who will call you as his wife,not a girlfriend. :)

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dochi said...

hahaaa jyeaaah! dan dengarlah those brokenhearted adele punya lagu, lagi masyuk heh.