Saturday, March 17, 2012


I never ever expected that i would meet someone that could accept everything bad and good about me.And listen to every fucking down stories about me without judging.And what he said it was just "Be yourself,do what you want,i dont care if you smoke,i dont care if you go lepak with your friends,world is about freedom".And i was suprised cause it was kinda hard to find someone that is opposite sex with me that could accept everything without judging without nagging me to stop.Cause he knew,there will be a time that will come and everything gonna back norm.

"So you bila nak stop?Buang duit la kesihatan lagi" He said calmly.

"Ahahaha i dah agak dah,expected sentence,nanti lah,ada masanya nanti"

"Okay,dont stress out,jangan la pikir pasal kahwin,kahwin awal boring"


Two aquarians meet and only them knew what is life is all about.

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