Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tale of Lancau and Chill.

For the past week ago,my life was been so dramatic with the stupid mafakas,attention whore who in need of raping,egoistic people with fucking dumbass brain.But still,i can put a wide smile on my face cause my lovely family still with me,with the most helpful and understanding friends with me.I felt so bless cause i have them around,my abah and emak is far away from me,and i wont tell any of stupid story to my sisters that happened to me while i'm in this ghost town which is my college.They got other important matters to think rather than listening to my fucking weird stupid problem that actually had nothing to do with me.

This stupid fucking story started when my home which is ive been living with three stupid egoistic mafakas which is my junior,were running out of electric.We were on public holiday and theres no point to collecting money from all the penghuni in the house just to light up the house cause admin was close due to the public holiday.Thus,i decided to went out with my friends,had some window shopping and have some good foods at Serdang.While i was driving home those stupid mafakas texted me and claimed me why i didnt handing out the money to them.Dude,i'm assure that you're aware that we're on public holiday.Theres no one can help you and just for one fucking day,go get any shelter from your fucking friends.Cant you think using your fucking brain?Cant you?This stupid malay girl were actually been so rude to me for the past months but i dont want to give a fuck to them.Dude,can u imagine,we're in the same roof but this stupid malay girl,still wasting her fucking credit to text me and tell me what she need to tell.Like a plain stupid.Thats why i thought,,Theres no point to bashing up small matters.So our home were running out electric for two days,thank God for creating a human like Mimie and Naziha that could considering me and help me by getting me a room to sleep by.Thank you so much guys,we barely talk to each other but you guys are with me when i had a shitty day.

So i back to my home after two days,i found that my balcony's door been damaged by someone which i didnt know who.I assumed those two stupid Malays done this stupid thing,but still i dont give a shit.I went thru my days like i usually do,until i got this stupid weirdly pyscho tweet from this stupid attention whore that claimed me as a rude girl and i was the one who kurung my stupid housemate at the balcony and laughed at her when shes screaming for help.WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? I wasnt at my home for two days,and ive been claimed for something that i didnt do.She tell the whole world about how cruel i was.Yes,bitch,thats it,.I had my limit but i tried to calm down.All stupid tweets that she tweeted,i kept safely in my desktop.I knew that i was guilty and all my friends knew that.There were too many unexplained things in my mind.Why the fuck she went back to our house while she knew that the house is running out electric?Why did she see me at a place that didnt existed?At the end of the day,she told me everything,she didnt see me,she just thought that i was there in my room.She safe now but still,i think her action was plainly stupid.And to the dumbass attention whore,GO GET FUCKING LIFE and FUCKING GROW UP my ex stupid housemate.

I decided to move out since the house seems so scary to live in.I go get my keys.I went to my room and packing up all things.Things were so hard for me.With the test and all quizzes and presentation that need i to face up,with all these stupid cases,with the stupid hypocrite ex boyfriend,with all thoughts for the future,with the fever that strikes me in these few days,i packing up all my things one by one,and i smoked for a while in the balcony and seeing thru out and see all those awan and langit,i feel so relieved.With all the shits that happened to me,i still got my supporting family and understanding friends.Yes,it have been three days so far,ive been living with Bunny that consider my situations,she picked up all my stuffs,sent me to my college,waiting for me till i got my class off.I feel like crying when i see how kind my friends are.I barely talk and lepak with Buny before this and i couldnt believe now i'm sleeping on her bed right now.People that barely with me are the one who helped me so much.And to my bro Fizzy,thank you everything,you are there with when i had my ups and downs.Million to you guys who care with me so much when i'm sick and to those who considering my situation and understand me so well..Thank you.Hugs and Kisses.

So,trust me,the stupid and shitty things that happened to you,happened for a reason.And the reason is to make you being fucking stronger person than anyone else.

to those whos been bitching out about me,suck it up fuckers! I'm still alive and you have no idea how stronger i am now.

So,i am rewarded myself after facing all these stupid things,to the JB me off tomorrow! Wohoo. I cant wait to have a fucking great weekend.

Oh did i told you that i dont give a damn if you think that my english is bad.IDGAF at all.Tenkiusomuch.

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